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About ArtFuel

ArtFuel is the vision of two professional artists with the dream of bringing together the Santa Cruz professional art community with local high school kids. We wanted to tap into the synergy of what it takes to be an artist, or industry designer, or game designer and to get kids involved - - to give them goals and dreams and most importantly, their own voice.

ArtFuel Founders


Jan Cavecche — Executive Director

Jan holds an Fine Arts degree from UCSB. She is a seasoned graphic designer and works with several non-profit clients such as the San Francisco Opera, GRID Alternatives and TURN. She has taught art at the city college level and has shown in galleries in both California and Oregon.


Karen EhlersOperations Director

Karen holds a Fine Arts degree from University of Oregon, and a Master of Arts degree from American University. She has taught at both the UofO and American University. She is an accomplished professional artist that is represented by the JCO Gallery in Los Gatos. As an avid tennis player she has coached the Santa Cruz's High School girl's tennis team.


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