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ArtFuel's Workshops

ArtFuel's workshops are tailored to each student’s needs, personality, and skill level.

art intro

The ABC's of

Studio Arts

This 5 week after school workshop will help students think like an artist. Students will learn studio art skills in both 2-D and 3-D art: drawing, painting, sculpture, design and mixed media. Mediums, such as pencil, charcoal, ink, acrylic, and gouache, will be used. While we aim to teach art concepts, such as color theory, composition, and line quality; our primary goal will be to help each student develop their own unique style or "voice" and to gain confidence.

Workshop date to be determined

Portfolio Organization and Set-Up

An art portfolio should demonstrate creativity, personality, abilities and commitment. It's an important tool that helps art schools evaluate a student's potential. Students whose portfolios reflect versatility, exhibiting interest in different realms of drawing, painting and design are more likely to have an advantage making an impression. In this 2 day workshop we'll teach how to get a portfolio in top shape by organizing artwork that showcase a student's best talent and abilities.

Workshop date to be determined

In the Studio with Professional Artists

This 2 day workshop is an art-filled day touring professional studios in Santa Cruz. These tours give youth visual thinking strategies to encourage discussion and build critical observation skills. Students get much needed arts exposure that produce memorable experiences encouraging one-on-one conversations with artists. We'll visit the workspaces of a wide variety of professionals from industrial designers, painters, fabricators and jewerly makers.

Workshop date to be determined
Capturing Art

Photographing Your Work - Digital Portfolios

This 1 day workshop will give instruction to help photograph work for an admissions portfolio or submitting to an art competition. Today’s smartphones are often just as good at taking photographs as standalone cameras. Learn a few tricks to get the best out of them. Students will learn from a professional photographer on how to think about lighting and composition as well as what apps to use to adjust things like contrast, white balance and color saturation.

Workshop date to be determined

Learn arts skills from professional artists.

See our workshop schedule for times and dates

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