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ArtFuel is a nonprofit arts mentorship program that assists middle school and high school art students who are looking for additional support in refining their artistic skills.
Artist Painting a Mural
Our mission at the ArtFuel is to act as a catalyst for arts education in the Santa Cruz region — to give art education regardless of where they come from. Our aim is to teach kids the ins and outs of the creative process — how to frame problems, make choices, work collaboratively, and communicate ideas. We believe that giving students real world experiences will help develop a strong artistic foundation. At ArtFuel, students will mentor with professional artists to learn how to collaborate, take risks, break rules, think outside the box and most importantly have fun!

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has ever known." -Oscar Wilde


Our unique workshops provide a forum for teens to create
their own path to a successful career as an artist.
We work with students to gain confidence and develop their unique art style.

Our series of 5 weekly “Studio Arts” workshops will expose students to a variety of practices. Students will learn studio art skills in both 2-D and 3-D art: drawing, painting, sculpture, design, and mixed media. While we plan to teach art concepts, such as color theory, composition, and line quality — our primary goal will be to help each student gain confidence by finding their unique style.

We help students build a strong arts portfolio for college admission.

A good art portfolio should demonstrate creativity, personality, ability, and commitment. It’s an important tool that helps art schools evaluate a student’s potential. Students whose portfolios reflect versatility are more likely to make a positive impression. Our 2-day workshops will teach kids how to get their physical and online portfolio in top shape for review.

We introduce students to innovative artists and cultural makers.

These 2 day workshops will teach visual thinking strategies to encourage discussion and build critical observation skills. Students will get much needed arts exposure that produce memorable experiences encouraging one-on-one conversations with artists.
We’ll visit the workspaces of a
wide variety of professionals from industrial designers, painters, fabricators and jewelery makers.

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You can become an art mentor and help high school kids learn about creative careers.
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